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connect_8 Walling System, gallery layout image, Used by: Galleries and Museums. System Type: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.

Connect60_8 Walling System Design.

What is different about our walling system?

Our larger Connect60_8 walling system is imposing but still lightweight so can be used by anyone.
- easy and quick to use, impressive and very attractive -

It is very popular walling for Larger Galleries and Foyers because of its size and professional look,
allowing Artists/Professionals to display their work in the best possible environment.

Used by 'ALL' departments of an institition.
- for major enhancement of any projects -
- making displaying work a simple regular event -

Connect_60_8 walling is a cleverly designed system

- Environmental, Smart-Engineering, fully recyclable components -
- Lightweight, Portable, Safe to move around, Store easily -
- Flexible, designed to work in many different configurations -

Why our walling system is different from others.

We use high quality materials and have specifically designed every aspect of the system.

- IT IS NOT gender use specific -
- IT IS NOT made of over-heavy, MDF or hardwood PLY -
- IT IS NOT made of Environmentally Unfriendly materials -
- IT IS NOT adorned with cheap metal joining plates -

connect_8 Exhibition Walling System, panel dimensions image, 2438mm height, 750mm wide, 60mm thick. Used by: Galleries and Museums.  Part Number: Connect60_8, Connect60, 8 foot.

Our 'Basic' Walling Panel Dimensions

The 'Basic' walling panel is the core component of the system.

Panel Weight and Size is Everything

Why is our walling so good for displaying on?

When considering what you need of an exhibition walling system, weight and size are the greatest factors.

With its imposing height of 8 feet / 2438mm this walling is our largest system but still can be moved and stored easily.

Cleverly using just a 6mm thick facia with convenient 12mm/18mm strengthening in important areas, we have made using a 'large' walling system
- Safe, Easy and Environmental -

The system consists of 'Basic' panels (750mm wide), these can be altered to make 'Short' panels (less than 750mm) to fill gaps and create specific lengths of walling.

Walling Dimensions and Weights Chart

8 Foot Basic Wall Short Panel End Blank
Height 2438mm 2438mm 2438mm / 2-3
Width 750mm <750mm 48mm
Depth 60mm 60mm 6mm
Weight 13.5kg 1.0kg

Walling panel sizes and weights chart above.

Exhibition Walling, panel concept image, 2438mm height, 750mm wide, 60mm thick. Used by: Galleries and Museums.  Part Number: Connect60_8, Connect60, 8 foot.

Exhibition Walling System Concept.

The walling system has one 'Basic' panel type - simple in concept.

Simple, Clever Design - Connect60

Over 25 years of experience in Exhibition Walling.

The director of 'Connect Exhibitions Ltd' has always had a close link to the exhibition world. His 'Fine Art' education and subsequent work with the ' Rental' of exhibition walling to professional Galleries and Businesses, has meant that this walling panel design is second to none.

Genuinely thinking of the Environment and looking closely at the problems incurred when displaying other people's work, is a necessary process to come up with a fresh exciting walling system design.

Why purchase a Wall System?

Buying exhibition walling can quickly and easily add valuable extra usable wall space in a building.

Display Walling will be useful for 'ALL' your departments - when you purchase a 'Connect' system you will want to keep it secret!

Opening up the horizons to being able to put on regular displays will 'Connect' your ideas to more people and can greatly increase public impression and awareness.

Simple White Walling - supports strong ideas