Display Walling

Display Walls, school panels layout image, Used by: School for exhibitions. System Type: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.
'School Concept Image' art boards for education.

What is a Display Wall System?

The concept behind the panel system.

The 'Connect 60' display wall system is composed of individual wall panels that join together to form different layouts. The panels have a clean, very-lightweight and easy-to-put-up design that gives a great backdrop to any art-displays and presentations.

If you want a more engaging, creative wall space for your pupils - this is the display system for you and your team.

- one person set-up - a gallery area in minutes - stored away very neatly -

Why purchase our Display Panel System?

- 1 -
You don't have an Exhibition Display Space and you want to create one easily, with minimum effort and maximum impact.
- 2 -
You have a Small Display Area, and you want an upgrade to make your pupils shine.
- 3 -
You are a School or College, looking to create exhibition spaces that are more interesting for students and enhance their best work to parents or visitors.
- 4 -
You want Quickly-Removable Display Walling for a foyer area, and need an easily-movable, free-standing and lightweight, art board system.

Make your Foyer Spaces Work!

Display Wall System, panel dimensions image, 2184mm height, 750mm wide, 60mm thick. Used by: School, Colleges and Universities. Part Number: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.

Our Two Display Panel Systems - Connect60_7 or Connect60_8.

The 'Basic' wall panel is the core component of each display panel system.

A Lightweight Display Panel Design is Everything!

Why are there two wall systems?

When looking for a display wall system, for your organisation weight and size are the most important factors. Our display systems boards combine Strength and Endurance with Incredible Lightness.

Connect60_7 System

With a height of 7 feet / 2184mm - this system is not too large and can be moved and stored that much easier.

Connect60_8 System

This wall system has a more impressive height of 8 foot / 2438mm and has that extra appeal to students and visitors to your events.

Smart Design creates Better Presentations

Our very clever uses a 6mm thick facia with convenient 12mm/18mm strengthening in highly used and prominent areas. This makes a really 'Easy-to-Use' wall panel system that anyone can assemble.

- Safe, Easy and Environmental -

Display Walls that Look Great and Make Projects Look Great.

Have More Regular Displays.

Display Walling, school event image, Used by: education organisations for an exhibitions. System Type: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.
'School Display, London' exhibition walling layout.

Free up your Exhibition Wants and Needs - Art Display Boards.

Making regular changes and Creating Interest.

If you've never had a panel-board system before, you will find that having a simple-to-set-up display area, adds fun to your organisation and grows greater public interaction and interest.

With one of our display systems, you will find your creative ventures being easier deploy. You will gain greater flexibility and a more professional expression over all your events and presentations.
- generating greater interest and engagement in all subjects -

- Simple - Useful - Easy to Maintain - Quick

- Perfect for Pinning -
- the special poplar ply surface is perfect for the more common methods of attachment - especially pinning and stapling - making things so much quicker and easier to set up! .
As an investment we have found that once a School or College has bought our system they always add more panels because every department can find use in them.
- Painted Surface -
The panels can be easily maintained for many years of constant use with only occasional full surface painting.
Set-up simple wall display areas in minutes - Erect Whole Galleries in a few hours - Then go home early!

Change Creates Greater Interest.

Movable Display Walling

Gallery Wall , gallery event image, Used by: Gallery event for Artists. System Type: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.
'Exhibition of Photography' , travelling pop-up Zig-Zag layout.

Free-Standing Studio Wall Layout.

Display System Layout , Wide End Plate Use, Used by: Studio layout for students. System Type: Connect60_8, Connect60, 8 foot.
'College Studio Layout ' - Unusual, Interesting, Wide End Plate Use