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connect_7 Wall System, exhibition layout image, Used by:  School and Colleges. System Type: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.

Connect60_7 Wall System Design.

What is different about our wall system?

The Connect60_7 wall system design is lightweight so can be used by anyone.
- easy to use, quick to put up and very attractive -

It is very popular walling for Schools and Colleges because it creates professional looking displays,
allowing students to show their work in the best possible environment.

Useful to 'ALL' departments of an institition.
- for enhancing all projects and sharing their ideas -
- making displaying work a simple regular event -

Connect_60_7 wall panels are cleverly designed

- Environmental, not over-engineered and fully recyclable -
- Lightweight, Portable and Safe to move around -
- Flexible, designed to work in many different configurations -

Why our wall System is different from others.

We use high quality materials and have specifically designed every aspect of the system.

- IT IS NOT gender use specific -
- IT IS NOT made of over-heavy, MDF or hardwood PLY -
- IT IS NOT made of Environmentally Unfriendly materials -
- IT IS NOT adorned with cheap metal joining plates -

connect_7 Exhibition Wall System, panel dimensions image, 2184mm height, 750mm wide, 60mm thick. Used by: School and Colleges. Part Number: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.

Our 'Basic' Wall Panel Dimensions

The 'Basic' wall panel is the core component of the system.

Wall Panel Weight is Everything

Why is our wall system so good for exhibitioning?

When considering what you need of an exhibition wall system, weight and size are the greatest factors.

With its convenient height of 7 feet / 2184mm this system is not too large and can be moved and stored that much easier.

Cleverly using just a 6mm thick facia with convenient 12mm/18mm strengthening in highly used and prominent areas, we have made a 'SMART' wall system.
- Safe, Easy and Environmental -

The system consistes of 'Basic' panels (750mm wide), these can be altered to make 'Short' panels (less than 750mm) to fill gaps and create specific lengths of walling.

Wall Dimensions and Weights Chart

7 Foot Basic Wall Short Panel End Blank
Height 2184mm 2184mm 2184mm / 2-3
Width 750mm <750mm 48mm
Depth 60mm 60mm 6mm
Weight 11.5kg <11.5kg 1.0kg

Wall panel sizes and weights chart above.

Exhibition Walls, panel concept image, 2184mm height, 750mm wide, 60mm thick. Used by: School and Colleges. Part Number: Connect60_7, Connect60, 7 foot.

Exhibition Wall System Concept.

The wall system has one 'Basic' panel type - simple in concept.

Simple in Concept - Connect60

Over 25 years exhibition experience.

We started our company 'Renting' exhibition walls to professional Exhibitions and Events - this has made our wall designs second to none.

Years of looking closely at the problems incurred when displaying other people's projects, was the principle process behind our insightful wall system designs.

Our Genuine concern for the Environment has been a powerful driving force for all our designs.

Why purchase a Wall System?

Buying a walling system can quickly and easily add valuable extra usable wall space in a building.

A wall system can be useful for 'ALL' your organisation / staff.

Opening up the horizons to easy regular displays.

'Connect' your ideas to more people and greatly increase project awareness.

Enhance Spaces and significantly increase public impressions.

Make the concept simple and then expand the ideas